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Why choose Twelve Tribe?

Achieving scalability with multi-million dollar brands, Twelve Tribe is the cost-effective, price-based solution for dynamic, high-converting digital advertising.


Völkl Tennis

Twelve Tribe has assisted in scaling Völkl Tennis into a profitable multi-million dollar brand and maintains collaboration to this day.


Beond TV

Achieving significant results across various advertising channels, Twelve Tribe has been instrumental in elevating Beond TV within the entertainment network.


Margarita Royalty

Twelve Tribe continues to play a vital role in Margarita Royalty's advertising strategy, by bringing global brand awareness to the true king of canned margaritas.



Collaborating with eating disorder community pioneer Carolyn Costin, Twelve Tribe has been instrumental in attracting new global students for the Carolyn Costin Institute through robust, digital ad and SEO campaigns.



Twelve Tribe contributed in the web development, drop-shipping setup, application onboarding, as well as continued advertising and SEO for Freak-A-Zoid.


Soul Full Collective

Twelve Tribe has aided in web development, marketing and increased brand awareness for Soul Full Collective.

Quick FAQs

What exactly am I paying for?

Your payment covers the professional services of Twelve Tribe for creating, publishing, and managing high-converting advertisements. The client is responsible for the monthly ad spend budget.

Can't I just advertise myself?

Yes, you can. However, caution is advised due to the potential pitfalls that novice advertisers may encounter, resulting in substantial financial losses before mastering the learning curve. Consider saving time and money by exploring Twelve Tribe.

Can I pay month to month?

We offer an affordable month-to-month payment plan, with an expected one-year commitment from your brand or business. Maximize savings with upfront annual subscription payment.

Why a six month commitment?

While we do not expect our clients to sign a contract, we highly advise sticking with a minimum, six month commitment. Continuous growth and budgeting are essential for any successful business structure.

What is SEO?

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization. It determines whether your business will appear in search results or remain unnoticed. Utilizing Twelve Tribe's 'SEO King' ensures your business swiftly achieves high rankings in Google search results.

How much does a web renovation cost?

Sadly, it's never a one size fits all scenario for web builds. We are available to discuss and provide a quote. Contact us